Introduction: DIY LEGO Pen

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I saw some ibles around here about making a LEGO pen and decided to try it out. They use cylinders to make it; thing is, those are very unstable. I came up with this idea to make a stable pen from LEGOs based on the ibles of others. It is very easy to do. Let's find out how you can make a LEGO Pen.

Step 1: All the Parts You Need

Before we begin, you need to know what parts you need and how many of those parts you will need. Here is a list of them:

The color doesn't matter, use whatever you have. Or, if you have enough of a variety, make it whatever color you want it to be. I decided to make mine gray and silver, because that is what I have. OK, those are the LEGO parts. You will need one more piece:

  • Pen Ink Cartridge x1

You can get this from another pen by opening it up and removing it. Make sure it looks very similar to the one in the picture. I am using an average length cartridge from a cheap pen I got from an event. The free pens from events likely have the right cartridge.

Be sure to get all of the parts before you begin.

Step 2: The Tip

Now that we have all the parts we need, let's make the tip off the pen. We will use these parts to make it:

  • 1x1 Cone x1
  • 1x1 Round Brick x1
  • Half Pin with Stud x1
  • Pin Joiner x1

Use the pictures above the help know which parts to work with.

Join together the Half Pin with the Pin Joiner, with the Stud on Half Pin not in the Pin Joiner. Attach the Round Brick to the Half Pin by putting the bottom of the Round Brick on the Stud of the Half Pin. Lastly, place the Cone on the Round Brick to make it look like the one in the picture.

Step 3: The Cap

Now that we have the tip, let's continue to make the cap. Every good pen has a cap or is retractable. Being that a retractable LEGO pen would difficult to make, we are going to make one with a cap. Feel free to try to make one that is retractable. In the meantime, here are the parts you will need to make it:

  • 1x1 Round Tile x1
  • 1x1 Round Brick x1

Pretty simple, just attach the two by putting the Tile on top of the Brick. It should look like the cap in the picture.

Step 4: The Body

Let's work on the body of the pen. This is the most stable part of the pen. Here are the parts you will need:

  • Pin x4
  • Pin Joiner x4

Attach all the Pin Joiners using the Pins. Attach a pin to one end to make it like it looks in the picture.

Step 5: Put It All Together

Now it is time to assemble it all. Gather up the rest of the parts and all that you have put to together. Here is what you need to do:

Take the Ink Cartridge and slide it down the Body by sliding the end of the Cartridge first. Make sure the end of the Body is the one with the Pin. Do it like in the first picture.

Take the Tip and slide it onto the Body. If done correctly, the tip of the cartridge will be visible in the cone of the Tip. Make sure it is connected securely with the pin in the body. Refer to the second and third pictures.

Take the Half Pin with Stud and fit it on the end of the Body. Refer to the fourth and fifth pictures.

Take the Cap and the now assembled Pen and cap the pen like in the sixth and seventh pictures.

Step 6: Complete!

Now you have a new pen. Remove the cap and write with it like a normal pen. Go show off your new pen to all your friends and family. Congrats!