Introduction: DIY LIGHT BOX by Sykopaths


The story of why I needed a light box:

I have a Toyota FJ40 page on Instagram and Facebook (sykopaths) and decided to sell parts, specifically LandCruiser emblems . However, the pictures for the website did not look professional and sales were very slow. Thus, I decided that I needed to either purchase a lightbox or make one. I decided to make one and started collecting old scraps and discarded items from around the house. I then made a plan for my light box. Finally, after much deliberation and planning my light box was a success. To make your own DIY light box its pretty simple and easy. To make your own light box exactly like the one I made continue reading below.

To build this light box you can use most easy to find items around the house. The only items you might need to buy are light bulbs and bulb holders.



*Cardboard Box

*White fabric (for example a bedsheet, silk , tracing paper)

*Aluminum foil

*15-20 feet of wire (An old extension cable or any electrical cord/wire from an old appliance

*can be used)

*1 electrical shoe or plug (this can be bought or taken off of a discarded appliance)

*10 zip ties

*1 or 2 electrical switches

*3 100-watt white light bulbs

*6-8popsicle sticks *Duck or binding tape

*Spray paint (I used 3-4 cans of bright chrome spray paint)

*2 white glossy poster board sheets

*Wood or plywood for support

*Electric wire casing or plastic pipe (used for covering the wire but is optional)

*Electrical tape



*Box cutter

*Wire cutter

*Hot glue gun with glue sticks

*Hand saw with wood cutting blades and pipe cutting blades (in case you are covering the wire in plastic pipes) *Leatherman pocket multi tool

*Phillips screw driver

*Flat head screw driver

*Staple gun


Make a plan before beginning.

According to my plan there are 3 points of entry in which light will be dispersed into the box.


Mark points with a marker where cut lines will be drawn.

Connect the points by drawing straight lines.

Then cut the lines with a box cutter.

Make sure all the lines are neatly cut forming a perfect square.

Next, put your light filtering material (in my case I used a white silk cloth but tracing paper or a cotton sheet or curtain sheets can be used) to cover the square cut out hole.

Cut the material so that it is large enough to cover the square holes with an extra inch of material on each side for stapling. Then use the staple gun to staple the material in place.


put a layer of duck tape over the staples around the edges. Do this on all sides.


My Design

I designed flaps on which I mounted lights which could then be covered with foil to reflect the surrounding lights back towards the slot. The flap can come off from one side to easily remove the bulb or fix.

To make this you will need to cut out 3 flat pieces of card board.

Next take a hand roller and bend the card board sheet until it curls up and becomes round.

Then wrap the under side with foil after making a hole in the center for the bulb.

Bend to make a u shape and tape sides to give the bent shape support.

Put all bulb caps through the hole

Put tape on inside and cover hole of bulb cap,

Next spray tape with bright chrome so it matches aluminum foil.

Then cut out the hole for the bulb. This was done to make look neat and to keep the cup from falling in.

Then wire all of the cups.

Make sure you note in which order you attach the wires in the cup to avoid a short circuit.


Take each flap and cut two holes a the end of each flap.

* you will have a total of 4 holes on each flap with two at each side.

Then take the marker and align a hole on the box, then cut holes on the box

Next, take a zip tie and tie off all holes. (watch video )

Now to close the other end we will use popsicle sticks.

Glue, using the glue gun, two popsicle sticks (one on each flap for all flaps)

Next make small slits so popsicle sticks can go in.

Flap mechanism is now complete


Connect all three bulbs to one lead which connects to the switch and then the shoes

Now if you would like to cover all electrical wires, Place into wire casing then use the glue gun to stick it on to the box .

This will also give the box some support.

Finally tape all loose wires to the box, plug in lamps and flip switch

Step 6: FINALE

Take your acrylic gloss sheet and tape on the back side upwards inside the box.

Let it fall outwards.

Then put tape on the bottom edges to make the sheet firm
Turn lights on and take good pictures!!

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