Introduction: DIY Lace-Up Shirts

This type of lace up shirt does not use any lace, instead it only uses fabric.

You will need the same materials as the DIY Lace-Up Shirt, besides lace. You will need scissors, a sewing machine or a sewing kit, a ruler, and lots of thick fabric.

Step 1: Cut Shirt

The first step is to pick out an old t-shirt (can be long sleeve, short sleeve, t-shirt, sweatshirt, or flannel). Then take a magazine or cardboard and put it inside the shirt. Now take your ruler and measure how long you want the V cut to go down, plus how wide you want it to be.

When using the fabric instead of the lace, I think the best way to go about cutting the shirt is to make a wide V from about the shoulders to the chest area (see example). And I cut the collar off of mine, but usually I like to leave the collar because it adds an edge to the shirt.

Now you mark the shirt and make sure that it is all proportional. Then cut, when you are cutting make sure you stay on the lines so it all matches up.

Step 2: Sew Fabric

After you cut the shirt you want to get out the sewing machine or your hand sewing kit. Both ways work, it is a matter of what you feel more comfortable doing. Measure the fabric out and leave a little extra for each piece just incase. You want to sew the fabric onto the edges you just cut (see example). But in this one instead of putting the eyelets on the fabric, you are just gonna add fabric across. You can choose to have thick or thin fabric going across your chest. I liked the thicker fabric so it matched the fabric I sewed to the edges of the shirt.

Then decide how far apart you want the pieces to be and sew those on.

Step 3: Done

This is a lot quicker with fewer steps. I enjoyed making these shirts. They are fun easy and cute.

The final step would be to make sure the fabric is really on there because you don't want it coming up. One way you can make sure your piece stay down is to light a match and burn them down. But you want to be very careful not to burn your shirt. Also check to see what fabric you have because this method only works on some fabric.