Introduction: DIY Lap Bed for Your Pet

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When my dog was younger and smaller, he would always fall asleep in the lap of anyone who was sitting in a criss cross position. Dogs often feel safe and secure when they sit on your lap, and there are even lap dogs specifically bred to sit in your lap. But of course, sometimes when my family is at work and school, my dog suffers a deficiency of available laps :(

I made this lap bed for him, which, you can see he has grown much too big for. I'll be making a bigger one with a pair of my dad's jeans. I used jeans but feel free to use whatever pants you'd like or have lying around. Only thing I have to warn you about this project is that it's inherently a bit creepy...( god, do I have a couple stories)

What you'll need:

-Old pair of pants

Bigger dog=bigger pants
Smaller dog=smaller pants

-Stuffing (you can get this at the craft or fabric store)

you'll need more or less stuffing depending on the size of your pants (I used about 1 full bag)

-Hot glue

Step 1: Meet UNI!

You may have noticed my dog already, he's my profile picture after all <3

Breed: Shiba Inu

Age: 2 years

Birthday: 10/23/16

Hobbies: Whining when treats are too big to eat, "hiding" bones in plain sight, nosing your leg until you feed him

Favorite things: His Donkey toy, eggs, fish, and yogurt (these things don't sound that appetizing consecutively)

Step 2: Stuff Your Pants

Weird title huh...

Take whatever old pants you have and stuff them evenly in both legs, making sure to really pack them to hold their shape. This will take about 1 full bag of stuffing.

Also stuff the crotch and waist area, leaving about 1 inch at the waist band to glue shut later.

Step 3: Make the Lap Shape

Criss cross your legs. Look down at your legs. This is the shape you want to recreate :)

Use the picture above as reference, and glue down the openings of the legs to the back of the thigh area in a crossing shape.

Step 4: Finish Up

Obviously you don't want your stuffing falling out, so glue the waistline shut.

This step is optional, but to keep the bed "sitting' up, glue the crease between the leg and the waist down

Add a belt or other accessories if you feel like, but I wanted to keep mine simple.

And you're done! a simple and dead easy pet bed that provides comfort and security to your dog or cat :)

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