Introduction: DIY Leather Dice Tower

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Hello and welcome to my new Instructable.

I love to play the dice game "Einfach tierisch" *) with my mom. During our last play I came up with the idea of making a dice tower but wasn't sure which stuff to use for this project. Guess what, I ended up with my favourite material: Leather.

As I mentioned in a previous Intructable, the leather pieces I use are remnants/leftovers of the furniture and/or clothing industry.

*) created by author Michael Rieneck and illustrated by cartoonist and photographer Ulli Stein


Leather piece (thick saddle up leather)

Leather Strap (2 mm in diameter)

Contact glue







Please take all necessary safety precautions while working with heat, sharp objects, electricity, vapors or resulting gases, noise, bright light and whatever could endanger your health.

Step 1: The Pattern, Measurements and Cutting

At first I made a paper pattern including the measurements. I wanted the bottom to be 8 cm in diameter or 4 cm in radius (R). I calculated the wall perimeter (U) by this formula:

U = 2 multiplied by pi multiplied by R

U = 2 x 3.14159265359 x 4 cm

U = 25.13 cm

The wall: 25.13 cm width x 15 cm height. I cut off two corners to build a port.

The bottom: 8 cm in diameter

The slope: 7,5 cm width x 15 cm height

Step 2: The Punching and Gluing

I punched the wholes for the seam with an awl and a hammer.

In the next step I glued in the bottom and the slope. I've waited more than 12 hours in each case to achieve the final setting of the adhesive.

Step 3: The Sewing

The first idea that came to my mind was the distinctive look of the baseball stitch for this dekorativ/ornamental seam. I could have glued it as well, but the red leather strap brings an interesting contrast to the black tower.

Step 4: Thank You ...

.. for reading, watching and paying attention.

The intention to this built was to make it as simple as possible. I wanted to use a minimum of different tools and stuff. Of course, I've had several ideas of how to posture the slopes within the tower, maybe in kind of a spiral staircase. But I came to the conclusion: That is the opposite of simple. Therefor I went for the slide solution and because I use the cover of the game box I spared a tower floor.

Please let me know if you've made a Leather Dice Tower as well.

Hopefully Auf Wiedersehen in one of my next instructables.

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