Introduction: DIY Leather Name Tag

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I'm addicted to leather craft, especially to create cute things. Today, I'd show you how to make a logo/name tag using small pieces of leather.

It's funny to create your own Logo Name Tag. You can use it to decorate your bag/backpack as well

Step 1: Supplies

What you need

1. Leather (small extra pieces left after a bag was made)

2.Pattern (easy to find on the internet or to create your own)

3. Poly hammer

4. Composite plastic punch board

5. A ruler 6. 2-sided adhesive tape

7. Double and single round punches (0.8mm)

8. Compass used for leather craft

9. Needles

10. Seat awl

11. Wax thread (0.45 - 0.8mm)

12. Scissors (1 for cutting the pattern and thread, 1 for cutting leather)

13. Heat pen

Step 2: Patterns

Patterns are always the most necessary supplies in leather craft, whether you make small or big product. If you ask me "where can I find the patterns?", my answer is " you can draw it yourself, or ask Google for it"

My tips here is to use a plastic sheet to make the patterns because it is hard, has a long-life, and you can find it easy to copy an available pattern because it is somewhat transparent.

Step 3: How to Make

The video tutorial is quite clear. I'd like to mention the 2 tips of hand sewing leather. They're:

1. Thread saving tips: If you sew through 2 plies of leather (about 2-3 mm thick), then the wax thread you need will be 3 times the length you need to sew. This will help you save the unnecessary extra thread.

2. Sewing tips: for hand-sewing leather, you need to follow the ONE AND ONLY sewing RULE for the stitches to be even. For example: the rule is "Right-Up-Left" means your RIGHT-HAND needle go through the hole first,then pull the thread UP, then LEFT-HAND needle through the same hole and tighten.

However, it would be faster and easier for you to sew if you have a leather sewing clip. If not, that's OK, you just need a little more time to finish :)

Thanks for your attention! I hope my instruction can help you make your own cute name tag. :) Just feel free to comment or inbox me if you have inquiries. Happy creating!