Introduction: Owl Leather Coin Purse-key Chain

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My sister always threw her keys in the middle of no where and of course, lost them so many times. She loves to buy street food, and then doesn't know where to put the coins exchanged. So she'd rather spend them all. But later, when she needs some coins, she always asks me for it. Thus, I started to think of making something which can help her to keep the keys and can be found easily. And if it could hold some extra coins to keep her from spending all her money, that would be great!

One more thing, she loves owls very much. She has a collection of several cute things with owls decor like owl T-shirt, owl ear rings, owl necklace.... So I decided to make a 2-in-1 coin purse key chain with the shape of an owl for her to add into the collection, and for her special birthday as well.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Leather (scrap leather of 6 colors. You don't need to have a big piece of leather, just use the small scrap pieces of any color you want)

2. Patterns ( I draw them myself and in fact, I did not notice the dimensions, if you want the detail patterns, please inbox me)

3. Zipper (6-10cm)

4. Inox key chain

5. 2 sets of 8mm rivets (these are for the eyes)

6. 2-sided adhesive tape

7. Poly hammer

8. Ruler

9. Rivet fixing board

10. Rivet fixing punches

11. Double and single round punches

12. Crescent moon shape punch

13. Silver pen for leather

14. Seat awl

15. Compass

16. Composite plastic board

17. Safety paper cutter knife

18. Needles and wax thread

19. Scissors

Step 2: Patterns Copied and Cut

Copy the patterns onto leather. There're some kinds of leather like wax or nubuck, which we can use the seat awl to draw pattern on. For other kinds of leather, we use silver pen.

For some parts that need 2 opposite pieces. Remember to turn the pattern upside down to draw the second piece.

After patterns copied, use scissors to cut them out.

Step 3: How to Make

You can choose to add the zipper to the back piece first or assemble the owl first. Here, I decorate the oval piece, which is the tummy part of the owl, then sew it to the front body piece. After that, I add the zipper to the back piece and then come back to finish the owl. Finally, I stick and sew the two body pieces together.

You can watch the video for detailed instructions in step by step

Step 4: Adding Zipper (tips)

This step can be applied for almost every project which needs a zipper folder.

To add a zipper, first, draw a rectangle of how long you want the zipper folder to be (the width is 1cm). I don't want the 4 corners of the rectangle to be torn after a long time using, so to avoid that, I use a 1.5mm single round punch to make the holes at 4 corners, which I call them "anti-torn holes"

Then if you have hobby knives (the ones that use to make the slot on leather), you can use them. If not, it's ok. You can use your paper cutter knife to cut off the rectangle

Tip to trim the zipper if it is too long: if you have a longer zipper, you can trim it off. But remember to cut from the side which you start to unzip it. That would help secured your zipper better.

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