Introduction: DIY Raxine Purse

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This is a easy to make leather purse.....

You can make it out of old tables cloths....

Step 1: (Exterior Piece)

Things you’ll


1. Leather cloth

2. Sewing machine

3. Zipper

4. Thread, needle and scissor

So the size of the purse depends on you, I’m using 14 in height and 12 inch length.

Keep some extra pieces for decoration.

After you’ve cut out the main piece fold it in half to get a middle line (it helps with the designing).

Now fold the leather (as shown in the picture) and them make another fold, they should be opposite folds, I’m not sure what are they called but it creates a bridge.

Now do the same on the other side. Now turn it upside down and fold it in half and sew the sides.

Step 2: Decorate

I'm using another long piece on the middle just to decorate it a bit.

Okay our exterior piece is done!

Step 3: Interior Piece

For this I’m using satin cloth. Attach the zipper to the

both ends of the interior piece and sew the sides to make a simple usual bag.

Step 4: Join Them :)

Now put the interior piece inside the exterior piece and sew

them together along the zipper (as show in the picture).

For decoration I’m using a leather bow. I’m just simply going to glue it with hot glue.

Ta-ta-ra-ra it's done :)

I hope you enjoy making one :)

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