Introduction: DIY Ligthbox / Light Table

Simple lightbox/ lighttable

Step 1: Material List

  • 11mm plywood
  • Organic glass
  • LED stripe (battery powered) with remote

Step 2: Cut Sides

Cut box sides to 11cm x 40cm size.

To do 45degree bevel cuts, used 45degree router bit (was quicker that adjust saw blade)

Step 3: Some More Cutting

Cut gap for organic glass and for bottom.

Cut organic glass to match.

Cut bottom.

Routed hole for battery cover.

Step 4: Soldering

Cut LED stripe to size, glued and soldered then

Step 5: Gluing, Sanding, Painting

Used painers tape to hold parts together - for easier gluing.

Then sanding and covering with oil.

Step 6: Video