DIY Simple Router Table

Introduction: DIY Simple Router Table

This is my version on portable router table.

I wanted router table, what is portable (so I can take it away when not needed) and with quick router change option (under 30sec in this case). Router switches on from vacuum cleaner. Clamp as router lift works well (for my needs).

Step 1: Tabletop, Router, Router Lift


For tabletop I used 600x800x30mm laminated plywood. Tabletop has t-track, so I can use it for featherboards or miter gauge.


I marked center of sheet of plywood and routed place for router base. To attach router to tabletop I decided to use toggle clamps - that allows me to quickly attach/ detach router when needed. To hold router switch in ON position I use small clamp. I use vacuum cleaners power switch to turn on router.

Router lift

Router lift is also very simple - quick clamp. It works very well for most cases.

Step 2: Fence


Fence is also quite simple. I made it from 18mm laminated plywood - screwed stripes together and made vacuum cleaner attachment.

Step 3: Done

I decided not to make base for it, but use it in portable way - put tabletop on sawhorses when needed.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Build video:

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    3 years ago on Step 3

    beautiful work. I would have never thought of using a plunge router in a table. Only thing I notice about it is that quick clamp idea might ultimately be the best bet. My experience with these clamps is that they frequently slip and are best used as extra hands, rather than reliable clamps. Beside that: Bravo.


    3 years ago

    Nicely done, this looks perfect to me : ) I had a similar portable router table system for many years and it served me very well. Nice to see how you made yours!