Introduction: Drill Powered Go Kart

Drill powered Go Kart for kids.

Video of build and Go Kart in action:

Part list:

  • 21mm plywood
  • cordless screwdriver
  • wheelbarrow wheels
  • skateboard wheel bearings
  • screws
  • tubes
  • old bike parts - wheel hub, chain, chainrings

Tools used:

  • Jigsaw
  • Drill/ screwdriver
  • Router

Step 1: Steering and Frame

At first I made frame/ steering part template on cardboard and checked if front wheels moves as expected. Then cut our frame parts and steering wheel out of plywood.

Step 2: Drivetrain

  • In wheels made groove for bearings and pressed them in.
  • Drilled 4 holes in wheel disc and screwed bike chainring.
  • Heated up axle bolt and melted it in acrylic. Then cut acrylic round and screwed chainring. Drilled hole between axle and bold and put screw there, so it don't unscrew.
  • Put chain on.

Step 3: Screwdriver Holder

Measured screwdriver dimensions and cut holder out of plywood.

Step 4: Seat

Seat also is made plywood

Step 5: Painting

When everything was tested, took everything apart and painted in grey / black.

Step 6: Closeups / Details

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