Introduction: DIY Lipstick / Lipbalm

Hello! today I will show you this extremely easy DIY lipstick. While this is a lipstick it also acts like lip balm! I hope you enjoy this wonderful instructable!


1. Small candle

2. large metal spoon

3. 1-2 teaspoons Old lip balm

4. A crayon of any color

5. An empty lip balm container

6. A lighter

7. A small stirring spoon

Note: If you don't have old lip balm you can make some with 1 part melted beeswax and 2 parts melted petroleum jelly.

Note: Make sure your crayon is crayola, because crayola is non-toxic.

Step 1: Melt Lip Balm

the first thing to do is light your candle, if you are younger then ask an adult to help you. Next put the lip balm into the large metal spoon and melt it over the candle. Use another small spoon to stir it slowly. It will take 30-60 seconds for it to melt completely.

Step 2: Add Crayon

Once your balm is melted add a small piece of the crayon. A little goes a long way. The more you add the stronger the color will be. Be aware that if you add to much crayon the lipstick will be too hard, and will not go smoothly on your lips.

Step 3: Pour New Lipstick

After the crayon is fully melted and blended with the balm, quickly but carefully pour the lipstick into the empty container. Go slowly and don't let it overflow. make sure it doesn't get on you or your clothes, because it's hot and it stains.

Note: Make sure that the container bottom is scrolled all the way down.

Step 4: Let Cool

After pouring, let the lipstick cool for 30 minutes. If it happened to overflow just use a paper napkin or towel. DON'T use a cloth one.

Step 5: Before/after

This is my lips after using the lipstick, if you would like it darker, you can use a tiny bit more crayon.

Thanks for listening and enjoy!!!

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