Introduction: DIY Longboard Skate Nose Guard for Less Than €1,50

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Your precious and expensive Longboard skate will smash against something sooner or later doing some nasty damage to the wood, best case scenario is just chipping, worst case is cracking, so you must protect it really well.

This is how you can make your own Longboard Skate Nose (and tail) Guard using a thick propane gas tube, for less than €1,50

Step 1: Choose the Appropriate Gas Tube

Measure the length of the area you wish to protect, and get to your local hardware store to buy some thick propane gas tube.

Don't go for anything else 'cause other tubes will wrinkle when you apply it to the board, and also be ruined after an impact.

Check the thickness of your board before you buy the tube, but usually what you'll need is a 8mm propane gas class 1 tube.

I needed 40cm for nose and tail (each) so I ended up buying 1m for just a €1,50

NOTE: Unfortunately only one colour was available, I preferred it in black but for this cheap and such good and strong protection, I was pretty satisfied. But perhaps you can find it in other colours as well.

Step 2: Make a Straight Cut Along the Tube

This could have been a tricky part, but it turns out the already painted strip actually helped me making a perfect straight cut all along the tube.

If the tube you're buying doesn't have any type of line or strip painted on it, just try to cut it as straight as you can.

Take your time and be patience 'cause if you do this part correctly the end result will be perfect ;)

Step 3: Apply the Tube

Widen the tube with your fingers and start applying it to your board.

NOTE: You might want to apply some hot glue inside the tube first, but I find this option not necessary for me because the tube has more than enough strength to hold on to the board (it's like it "bites" the wood).

Step 4: Protected! Go Skate!

All done!

Now go ride it without any worries about damaging your skate if it accidentally crashes into a wall, or something like that.