Introduction: How to Revive Your Skateboard Grip Tape

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You don't need to buy a new grip tape for your skateboard 'cause most of the time it just needs a proper cleaning!

Did you know that you can clean it with a inexpensive Sand Belt Cleaner?
Just 1 block will last for many years, and will save you a ton of money in the long run ;)

You can one at your local hardware store, or look it up online

They can come in different shapes and sizes.

Step 1: Disassemble the Skateboard

For best results you need to disassemble your skateboard first.

Unscrew the 8 bolts to release the trucks, and notice all that dirt...

Step 2: Cut a Pice From the Sand Belt Cleaner

Cut a piece from the Sand Belt Cleaner (I used a hand saw), about a size that you feel comfortable grabbing.

Give it a few circular scrubbing for testing and you'll immediately notice the difference!

Step 3: Finished! (Good As New)

Keep scrubbing until you covered all surface, and then... enjoy your "old new" skate grip tape!