Introduction: DIY Magazine Rack Transformation to a Kvissle Bookend Audio Boom Box

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I am and IKEA assembly service professional and a passionate fan of DIY and all ready-to-assemble tricks and tips as long as their fantastic.

Furniture assembly and IKEA next day delivery of flat packs orders have had me in unexpected situations where I had to develop a priceless attitude toward all ready-to-assembly products and the endless possibilities they have to offer my imagination.

For this particularINSTRUCTABLE,

I will show a fast DIY magazine rack transformation to a kvissle bookend audio box. My lovely wife wanted to have a small and easy to use boombox, that could both be used with a regykar 3,5 jack for any smart phone. It had to somehow fit how our METOD kitchen feels and looks.

Spring is here and I'm on a renovation spree.

Here's what I've come up with:


Step 1:


If you've dealed with IKEA furniture
this one is going to be as simple as Phi.

Kvissel bookends are more than DIY friendly for a magazine rack hack. The ribs are perfect for all the cable fittings you'll need for this particular INSTRUCTABLE,

You could easily adapt to any other ready-to-assemble idea you have. The whole installation is easy to adjust or change.

Step 2:


I used 1.2 cm wood to build the inner framework, that holds things together.

Measure how much space YOU'LL need and go for the saw.

Make sure you nest the speakers tight!

After the assembly is done, fill it with foam,
get the cables out and make sure the montage is stable and what you're building won't fall apart.

Do not expect to have deep and warm bass frequencies,
but these speakers will provide you with sound, perfect for your daily needs.

Step 3:

Step 4: What Do You Need to Make a Kvissle Bookend Boombox?

This one is really easy to assemble. Once you have all the parts it's way easier than most flat pack manuals IKEA has to offer. #Lol

Even if you are not a furniture assembly pro, you won't need to google for rocket science advice.

What you'll need for this Kvissle bookend HACK:
  • 2x 10 Watts stereo amplifier sets
  • Some kind of a power supply. In my case I've used one out of an old lap.
  • FRS 8 Visatons speakers
  • A few cables
  • A wire rol
  • Pliers
  • A drill
  • A few nails
  • Foam to fill in the speaker nest.

I really hope you enjoyed this small example/guide on transforming the magazine rack to a Kvissle bookend Boombox.

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Kind Regards
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