Introduction: [DIY] Minecraft Shield and Sword

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I was walking around the house, thinking of what to make for this contest, and it then struck me. These 2 items from the game Minecraft. Almost all of you know that game. I gathered some materials around the house and decided to make a tutorial for this build.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Materials -


-Printer & paper (for the sword)

-Spray paint

Tools -



-Sketch Pens

-Utillity Knife/ Craft Knife

-Hot Glue Gun

-Masking Tape

Step 2: Part 1: Making the Sword

Print out the Sword Template i have attached (or find one online), do as per your own liking. After printing it, Stick it on to the carboard sheet.

Step 3: Part 1: Coloring the Sword

Color the sword with the sketch pens (if you have printed it out in black and white). I made mine a diamond sword, you can make any other sword if you like.

Step 4: Part 1: Cutting the Sword

Cut out each and every corner of the sword with a scale. If done properly, you should get something like the one in the picture.

Step 5: Part 2: Making the Shield

Now we move on to making the shield. You will need to make a rectangle ( I made mine 35x20 cm, you can make it any size)

Step 6: Part 2: Detailing the Shield

Mark in 1 inch from each border and make a second rectangle( smaller to the first one). Then make a design in the center (like i did, you can make any shape or draw a picture).

Step 7: Part 2: Cutting the Shield

Cut out the shield from the cardboard sheet and you have the base for the shield. All that's left is to detail it!!

Step 8: Part 2: Detailing the Shield

Add some paper tape on the inside and go ahead and spray paint the borders of the shield. I used grey but again, you can color it to your liking.

Step 9: Part 3: Making the Handle

Cut a piece with the remaining cardboard, and mark it to the size of your hand (like i have in the picture), Fold at the point where your hand can easily sit in the handle and is not too small for your hand.

(feel free to color it to your liking!!)

Step 10: Attaching Handle to Shield

Hot glue the handle near the top of the shield, and stick it in a comfortable angle, where it has enough space for your hand to move in and out.

Step 11: Finish!!

You are finally ready to slay those mobs!! If you like you can go ahead and add more details. This is a simple project, it would not take more than 30 minutes to do. These props can be useful for cosplay and parties. Use it however you like!

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