Introduction: DIY Mini Office Supplies Crossbow

Hello! this is my 1st instructable

Today I'm going to show you how to make a pencil crossbow.

Here are the materials:

- 4 pencils

- 1 pen

- 8-10 medium to large rubber bands

- 1 medium sized binder clip

1st wrap the rubber bands around 2 pencils 3-4 times,

then wrap them around the other set of 2 pencils 3-4 times

then wrap both of them together so it forms a cross.

2nd dismantle a ballpoint pen and discard everything except the cap and the ink chamber.

Next, cut the pen cap so that there is a hole on the top,

put the pen cap under the rubber bands or the part where you will shoot it,

this will act as a place for your ammunition to rest on.

Next, put tape (any type ) on the binder clip to support it.

Also put a rubber band in the middle of the pencils right here:

> pencil

-------- rubber band

> pencil

finally, use the ink chamber as a bolt,

make sure the ink chamber is resting

in the opening in the cap.

fFnd your target, aim, and release

Soon your fellow office partners will tremble at the sight of your crossbow.