Introduction: DIY Minigun Cardboard Halloween Prop

Hi guys! I would be greatly appreciate if you tried to make this project with me! This is my very own version of a 50 CAL Minigun Halloween prop. This can go pretty well with a Soldier costume, Video Game character, or anything that can come to mind. I used mostly cardboard for this project and took me about 2-3 days. I added some other cool buttons and gizmos to my build that I could find laying around my house. At the end, I added a plain black coat over the whole thing and let it dry. VERY IMPORTANT If you plan to make this, please add any sign of resemblance that will make it appear like a TOY GUN. It would be really bad if someone took this as an actual firearm. Well, thank you for viewing this, and maybe even possibly building It! 😂👌





Plenty of Cardboard!

Black spray paint

Hot glue gun

Lot's of glue gun sticks

Strong String (for the handle)

2 cardboard tubes (or whatever you can find that is spherical)

4, 16 inch tubes (for the barrels)

Super Soaker water gun (or whatever you can find that has a handle to it) I used a water gun

Nicknacks and accessories you would like to add (like buttons) to the gun

Electrical Tape

Red acrylic paint

Step 1: The Main Body

For the main body, you are going to want to cut out 2, 9x6 Cardboard cutouts, and 2, 9x4 Cardboard Cutouts. I used a knife to cut these out.

Step 2: The Sub Barrels

These 2 barrels are 12 inches long, and have covers on each end. I added a little top piece to it, and put covers on each end that I traced out with a pencil. I attached these to the Main body, near the bottom.

Step 3: The Top Section

For the top, get a 6x4 1/2 inch Cardboard Piece and glued it to the top. Then, poke 2 holes with your pencil and put your piece of string inside. Tie both of the ends together inside. I actually burnt the tips of the string to prevent frailing.

Step 4: Details for the Top

I added some cool details to the top. Some of them include: (4) 2x1 inch Pieces of Cardboard that I glued connecting the subs to the Main base. I personally think It looks pretty cool. Then, I just added a little ring to the top for a button.

Step 5: Magazine

This is a little step that I added for fun, and It was a *Ranch Dip Box that I hot glued to the Main body to look like a magazine. I took off 1 of the 4 Pieces in step 4 to add this.

*You could find any Cardboard box, or empty product box/carton that you are done using in your kitchen to make any of these gun parts.

Step 6: The Barrel/Cover

For this step, start off by cutting a 4x6 square and tracing the TOP of your "water gun" or barrel. Cut it out, and glue it to the back of the body like the picture shown. Insert the barrel of your gun, and glue it in securly. Just for appeals, I added a small 2x1 inch cover for the Handle.

Step 7: Aim Cover

In the front, I added a 4x6 Cardboard cover like the last step, and trace a hole for the barrel and glue it to the front. Cut out an additional 4x6 cover, but cut little "horns" for the aimer.

Step 8: The Barrels

For the barrels, I found a long piece of black tube in my garage and cut 4, 16 inch long pieces and glued them to the top of the barrel. For the finishing touch, I put a tiny little aimer on the top.

Step 9: Last Final Details!

Okay, your almost there. Now, you need to look around your house and find anything that looks interesting, and put it on your minigun. Here, I cut out some little buttons and put them on the top.

Step 10: Spray Painting and More Detail

Now, go outside and spray your creation with whatever color you like, but I did just plain matte black. (be sure to use a drop cloth to protect any surface you are spraying on)

Wait 2-3 hours to let dry. Lastly, put some final red accent colors on spots like the buttons that need color. I put some electrical tape on some parts like around the barrels that I thought would look cool.

It's up to you and your preference. Be creative!

Step 11: Your Done!

Now your done! Thank you for watching and/or building with me! 😁༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Have a Happy Halloween!🎃

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