Introduction: DIY Minion Kids Cycle Head Lamp

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kids love them.

Grown ups love them too!

Yup the minions!

This is a simple instructable to make a kids cycle head lamp.

Based on minion character "stuart", who loves playing ukuele all the time!

Well hes my favourite!

You probably love bob. Or kevin. Or dave. Or Maybe all of them!

The character design given here is based on Minions Movie.

In which they all wind up being prisoners, for a short time.

Instead of ukuele, i have chosen electric guitar here.

Splash creativity and make your bob, kevin,dave, mel or any one else come alive.


2 toy torches

1 cardboard piece - 15cm * 9 cm

Fabric Glue - 1

Acrylic colours - yellow, black, white, grey

Insulating tape - black

M-seal - regular epoxy compound ( grey dough ) / for the goggles. you can also use just grey acrylic paint instead.

Permanent marker ( black )

Step 1: Make an Outline of Stuart / Any Minion You Love.

Search web for a cool picture of stuart / any minion you love.

And select the one you love the most.

copy it on to an chart paper.

After outlining, cut it neatly with scissors.

Step 2: Fill the Colours With Acrylic Paints

head : yellow

Dress : black and white

Eyes : black in outer radius, orange in middle radius , black in centre region

Goggle/Goggles : grey

Step 3: Outline on a Cardboard

trace your minions picture on a flat piece of cardboard.

Step 4: Outline a Electric Guitar Along With It. Then Cut It Out.

guitar has to be coloured separately on a paper.

Then pasted on to cardboard using fabric glue

Step 5: Draw a Circle for Headlamp and Cut It Out

For better outcome, use torch cap/ring to get exact dimensions

Step 6: Glue a Half Piece of Torch on Back of Cardboard

This is mainly for balance and support to the overall structure.

Step 7: Paint the Torch Cap/ring With Grey or Apply Grey Dough of M-seal /grey Clay

i used one torch cap as my character stuart has single lens goggles

Kevin, bob and many other minions have bilens goggles.

If your character do have bilens goggles,

You can either use

1. a dual led toy torch

2. extra torch cap

Step 8: Cut the Torch Pieces According to the Picture Below

The two torch pieces have to be cut Accordingly,

1. One Torch piece has to be cut into 3 pieces : head, body and tail.

2. Other has to be cut into 2 pieces : head + body and tail.

Step 9: Follow the Pic Below

Step 10: Finally Fuse Both of the Pieces. I Used an Insulating Tape for Final Touches

Step 11: Yup, Thats All.. Ready to Roll!

Step 12: Lights On! Off to Ride

This project can be attached to your bicycle using tape or screws.

Thanks for reading.

Time to go and mess up grus lab!

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