Introduction: DIY: Minion Pencil Case

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Minions is coming to theaters sometime this year, and I believe all the little kids are screaming right now. Enjoy this minion pencil case tutorial as I celebrate the coming of another brilliant movie ♥

Step 1: You Will Need:

You will need:

  • white, yellow, brown, grey and black felt or fabric
  • a pair of jeans or specifically just the pant leg
  • needle + thread, a sewing machine or fabric glue
  • scissors
  • pins
  • and a zipper

Step 2: What?

Oddly enough, sewing isn't a strong point for a lot of people (me too, but it's fun!) So here's a video tutorial :D

Step 3: Words

If the video was too hard to understand here are the written instructions!

  1. Cut off the pant leg of the pair of jeans to a length that you want your pencil case to be. Then proceed to cut off all the hems.
  2. Taking your yellow felt, measure and cut out two pieces that will still leave room for the denim to show on the pencil case - the denim's main purpose is to give your pencil case some sturdiness that felt won't offer.
  3. With the zipper facing upwards, place the yellow fabric on top, lining it flush to the opposite edge (it should cover the entire zipper). Then lay denim piece on top and sew/glue.
  4. Take your other yellow piece and match it up with the end of the denim with no zipper attached. Bring those pieces together and bring back to the zipper. Sew. You should only see denim outside and the whole thing should be inside out.
  5. Unzip the zipper and flip the casing right side out. Then cut out the minions goggles (grey), eyeballs (2x white, 2x iris colour - brown) and two small strips of black (for goggle straps). Position the minion parts before sewing. There are two ways to sew this:
    1. sew all the parts together and then sew it onto the yellow or
    2. sew parts one by one on the yellow (what I did).
  6. Then sew along the edge of the yellow to the denim so that you don't have an awkward flap.
  7. If you're making a pouch, flip the casing inside out, and then sew the two open edges. If making the circular pencil case, measure the open ends and then divide it by pi to obtain diameter of your circles. You will need four circles total, two yellow and two from your denim.
  8. Starting from the middle of your inside out case ends, start pinning the circles to the edges before sewing. It should be yellow and then denim to ensure that all yellow is outside and all denim is inside. Then sew. (Just a tip, found it really helpful to start sewing from the middle or opposite of the zipper and then around.)
  9. After sewing both sides, turn inside out and viola! Pencil case minion. Add some details to determine the fate of your minion's expressions (if you don't add any, that's fine too!)

Step 4: Complete

Let me know how this pencil case works out for you! My little brother vows that he'd never lose his pencils again - but I'm not sure I can part with it.. ♥

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