Introduction: DIY N95 Mask Testing Hood Using Office Supplies

Instructable on how to make a hood for testing N95 respirators in a clinic or hospital setting. The hood is made from simple office materials.

There are two models in this instructable
a shorter term, less resilient version (more commonly found materials)
v2.0/ a more durable version (optimal - if you can find the more specialized materials / equipment)


v1.0 & v2.0
Packaging tape
Box cutter
Scotch tape
Transparency film 8.5” x 11”
Sticky back hook and loop velcro (at least 18")


Laminating sheets 3mm thick 9” x 11.5”
Laminator: any type will work as long as it can fit letter size laminating pouches

Laminating pouch 12” x 18”, 5mm thick
Heavier duty laminator (see picture for type); should be able to accommodate larger pouch size and thickness up to 12mm

Step 1: Insert Transparency Film Inside Laminating Pouch (v1.0 and V2.0)


Use v1.0 supplies from supplies page

Turn laminator on to warm it up

Prep Pouches

Insert 1 sheet of transparency film inside laminating pouch until flush with sealed end x 8 total

Feed pouches:

You will need to feed 4 pouches through (sealed end first) so that you create one long sheet of laminate material

In order to create one long laminate sheet your pouches will have to overlap about .5" as they feed through (second sheet goes INSIDE the 1st sheet, repeating each subsequent sheet inside the last)

Repeat to create 2 long laminated sheets.

TIP: as the first sheet is feeding, prep your next sheet to overlap inside the open end of the first sheet. You will have to continue to hold this overlapped position (like shown in the "overlap" picture) by moving with the machine until the overlap hits the heating part of the laminator. Then quickly grab your next sheet and repeat until all 4 sheets are fed

Use v2.0 supplies from supplies page

turn laminator on to warm it up

Prep Pouches

Insert 2 sheets of transparency film inside each laminating pouch (pic) x 3 total

Feed pouches

Feed 12x18" through one at a time. For this version you only need to do 1 sheet at a time, *no overlap

Repeat to create three 12x18" laminated sheets.

Step 2: Tape Seams to Connect Manufactured Laminate Sheets / Panels


Use clear packaging tape to connect the two long laminate sheets lengthwise.

Place tape along seam between the two panels on both sides of the laminate sheets (inside and outside)


Use clear packaging tape to tape seams

Orient 12X18" panels vertically (see picture)

Step 3: Cut to Shape With Scissors

See diagrams above

Step 4: Optional: Seal Cut Edges With Scotch Tape

Cut edges have a tendency to delaminate with time / use. We found that using scotch tape along all cut edges was ideal to increase longevity of manufactured testing hood

Step 5: Double Sided Velcro

Place sticky back double sided velcro along entire vertical length to help ensure proper closure and prevent testing nebulizer spray from leaking out

Step 6: Place Bouffant (surgical) Cap on Top

Place bouffant surgical cap (blue) on top of cylinder to help keep in the nebulizer spray for proper N95 mask fitting