Introduction: DIY Namaste(Welcome) Sign Using Wood Burning Technique (A Beginner Project)

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I wanted to make a welcome sign for our home as I got little bored about the twine welcome sign and also I wanted to do a project with Walnut Hollow oval basswood.Ask me why ? It is because I love the look of the wood which gives more natural and rustic look with real tree texture on the edges.So, I ended up with idea of making a "Namaste"(Welcome) sign with wood burning technique so that I can use the Oval wood and also make a sign board. If you are a beginner or Wood burning is in your to do list, you can definitely try this project.

Step 1: Materials Required

Wood burning tool (I used Walnut Hollow)

Pencil ,Eraser & Ruler

Wood plank(I used Walnut Hollow Oval basswood)

Sharpie markers(Optional)

Saw tooth hanger,nail sand hammer

Step 2: Draw Your Design

Free hand your design on the wood using your pencil. You can refer to doodling patterns or zentangle pictures in pinterest or just google it for your inspirations. You can go ahead and get crazy about your designs.Of course, don't be afraid to make mistakes.You can erase it with eraser or you can name it as "Your version of Art" :).

Alternate option : You can print your design on wax paper and transfer it to the wood. To do this, Cut your waxed paper to the size of the copy paper and print your design on to the wax paper with ink jet printer(The side of wax paper doesn't matter but make sure you reverse the image ). Once the print comes out of the wax paper ,put the printed side down on to the wood and use any debit /credit card to rub the design to transfer. Or you can print the design and use black carbon paper to transfer the design on to the wood.

Step 3: Burn Your Wood With Your Design As a Guide

Plug your wood burning tool and allow it to heat. Test it on a scrap piece of wood . Go over the design with the tool . Do not worry about your lines being even.You will never notice it. Your lines will be perfect once you start practicing more. If you feel your lines are not even , you can add little dots or do shading to kind of mask the unevenness.You can see in the close up picture of the word "Namaste". You don't need fancy nibs to create variations(Of course, you need it if you are doing it professionally but for a beginner you can do a lot of experiments with just universal nib). You can also learn about my first wood burning experience, here

Step 4: Variations of Designs With Universal Nib

I have added some of my wood burning jewelry pieces to show you the design options you can do with just the universal nib. Dots, shading(Light and dark),check board patterns and the list goes on.

Step 5: Add Color to Your Work

If you just love the wood burning look alone , you can stop it right in the before step.But, if you are like me, then grab some colorful sharpie markers and get coloring. One point to be noted is, these marker does smudge in the wood.You have to be quick and careful when colorful to avoid smudging the color.Don't hold the marker in the same place for long time .Fill the outer edges first and then color the inner space .If you are scared to use markers, you can also use color pencils to color your wood burnt pieces.

Step 6: Your Welcome Sign Is Done.

Attach a saw tooth hanger at the back with nails and hammer to hang it in the wall .Your Namaste(Welcome) sign is now ready to welcome your guests :). What do you think about this instructable? Give it a try and let me know how it turned out.If you like this project, please vote for me in the "Burn it" contest.Thank you.

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