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I am working outside of my home state.At the end of this month I am going to my home.So I thought if I gift something to my mother she will be very happy. My mom loves flowers for decorating the house.So I thought if I make a flower vase it will be great thing to gift her.At the same time I saw the glue contest in the contest page which inspired me even more to make this beautiful flower vase.When I was in school , I loved making craft with Popsicle sticks and straws .During holidays I used to make variety of crafts along with my sister.

In this instructable I will describe how you can make a beautiful flower vase within an hour.At the end I have also explained how you can modify the same flower basket to make a vintage style lamp and some tricks on Popsicle sticks craft.


Materials :

1. Popsicle sticks

2.Glue gun and glue sticks

3.Card Board


5.Bulb Holder


7. 3W LED bulb/ 5W CFL

Tools :

1. Hobby Knife

2.Wire stripper /Leather man

3.Screw Driver



Step 2: STEP-1

Make the Base :

lay 3 Popsicle sticks to form a triangle shape.

Use any tape to join the 3 vertices.I used scotch magic tape.

Make a similar triangle.

Place one triangle over the other to form a star.

First I tried to join the sticks to form a triangle by using glue but found difficulty as one stick slides away when other one joined.So I found a solution to join it with the help of a tap.

Symmetry : To make a perfect shape this stage is most vital.Use a ruler and mark the center of the each side of the triangle.Now place the another triangle symmetrically to form a star shape.This will generate a perfect hexagon in the interior.Try as much as possible to make a perfect shape.So that the final craft will looks more attractive.

Step 3: STEP-2

When you make a perfect star ( hexagon in the interior ) mark lines on the both sides of the each stick.This is required because when you apply glue the perfect shape may be disturbed.

Apply glue in the marking position.This is the first layer of your craft and it is the foundation of the entire project.So please give some time to make a perfect star shape.

When the glue dry out remove the taps from all vertices.

Now your Base is ready.

Step 4: STEP-3

Add Outward Layers :

I sketch a picture to understand the outward layers.Just see the above pictures I think it is enough to understand any one.

Add new outward layers by following the underneath layer.

Follow similar steps until you reach the 12th layers.In each layer you have to make a triangle.As you proceed for higher and higher layers the size of the triangle gradually increases.When you move outward care should be given to make same amount of outward movement in each layer.It will make the structure more symmetrical.When you reach the 12th layer your bottom portion of the basket/lamp is complete.

Step 5: STEP-4

Add Inward Layers :

See the first two pictures to understand what is inward layers.

Now place sticks in the inward direction above the bottom structure made earlier.

Always trace the underneath layer this is thumb rule for each layer.

In each layer you have to make a triangle.As you proceed for higher and higher layers the size of the triangle gradually decreases.

Continue this process until you make 15 to 17 inward layers.If you found a perfect triangle before 15th layer then you must stop there.This happens if the slope is more steep in each layer.In my case I found the triangle at 17th layer.

Don't worry about it .what ever you get its looks interesting.

After this step you should get the similar shape as shown in the last picture.

Step 6: STEP-5

Add 6 to 7 outward layers above the top layer which made earlier.

Trace the underneath layer as I told in the earlier steps.

Step 7: STEP-6

Add upward layers :

Place sticks in the upward direction above the bottom portion.Upward layers means placing the sticks one over the other without any inward or outward movement.

Repeat this process until you make 6 upward layers.

Step 8: STEP-7

Hey congratulation !!!! now the flower vase is ready to decorate your home.

Place the basket on the table or any where at your home as you like.

Insert flowers inside the basket.Its looks really nice in my case.

I think enjoy a lot by making this flower basket within a very small duration.

In the next step I will give the tips how you can make a vintage lamp by using the same flower vase.



First place the flower vase over the cardboard.

mark the outline by using a pencil

Cut along the drawn lines by using a hobby knife or box cutter.

After cutting you will get a star shape card board.

Note : You can glue this star shape card board to the base of the basket.It is optional, if you do not use then also no problem


Make circular hole at the star shape card board.I made a circular outline around the holder and cut it by using a hobby knife.Be sure the hole is not big enough other wise the holder will not be fixed perfectly.

Insert the holder and connect the wire.

Screw it to fix.If you found loose then add glue to the surrounding area.

Fix the LED bulb to the holder.You can use a 5W cfl also but I didn't use as there may be chances of melting the glue due to the heat produced by it.

Now insert the bulb into the basket and hard glue the star shape cardboard over the top layer.

Step 11:

Connect the plug with the other end of the wire.

Hang it in a suitable place.

Enjoy the light !!!!


TIPS -1:

Refer step-1 : Instead of making a triangle /star, make a square or octagon or hexagon.Then proceed in outward direction by placing the sticks outward.After few layers you will get a charming basket for storing fruits or anything else.Always trace the underneath layer.Play with inward ,outward and upward layers to get more exciting result.


Take a cylindrical toilet paper roll of height 4 to 5 inch and glue the Popsicle sticks surround it.You will get a nice stationery holder.To make it more attractive give colors according to your choice.

I hope you enjoyed by reading my instructable.I will be happy if you share your craft pictures in the comment section.

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