Introduction: DIY PVC / Vinyl Floral Bralette

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to make this cute af bralette that would be perfect for raves, festivals, coachella, the pool, the beach… the list goes on and it's sooooo easy to make.

It’s super okay if you don’t get it done on the first try, that’s why I said 1/2 yard of PVC so you have enough to play around with, it can be very different to work with but it’s really not hard. I really hope you enjoy !

Do not wash in hot water lol.

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • Flower cabochons (flat back)
  • Glue gun/ glue sticks
  • Two 1 1/4" by 20" or more long strips of fabric (for straps and binding)
  • 2.5"+ wide strip of stretchy fabric (measurement of underbust)
  • Less than 1/2"yard of PVC / Vinyl
  • Sewing machine/Thread
  • Pattern

Link to how to make the pattern is here:

Link to the video of the actual bralette here:

Step 2: Sewing Your Pattern

After drafting the pattern, you will be left with four pieces, two inner pieces and two outer pieces. Alright now add 3/8 on the outer parts of your two pieces. This material has Xero give or stretch and you really don’t want it to be too small. Cut out the pattern on our PVC and prepare for sewing,

Now instead of sewing it as a seam where we put right sides together we are going to lay one side over, so both right sides are facing up and we are putting one edge over the other edge and really slowly and carefully stitch it flat . It’s going to curve as you sew, it’s perfectly normal.

It should look like this. You can do another stitch 1/8” apart but that’s up to you. I trimmed off any extra fabric that was there from the seam allowance.

Step 3: Binding

Now get your strip. Line up one side as shown at the top of the inner part of the triangle and stitch about 1/4 away from the edge. Trim off excess strip.

Now fold in as shown and fold over again and edge stitch on the right side of the fabric ensuring the fold underneath is being caught in the stitch. This creates the binding.

Do the same for the outer part of the triangle but sew up and continue past the plastic for about 10-14 inches or however long you made your straps. This creates the strap part. To do the straps you just fold in both edges to meet the middle and then fold so both folded ends touch. Pin and edge stitch.

Step 4: Waistband

My waist piece is cut from jersey material and is two and a half inches high, because my elastic is about an inch wide, and then .5" for seam allowance.

The length is the length of my underbust.

I folded it in half with wrong sides facing and sewed that shut, then I turned it inside out using my loop thingie and pulled the elastic through the casing by putting my loop thingie through the casing, catching it to the elastic and pulling it back through the casing .

I pinned the elastic to each end so it doesn’t get lost in the casing and then looped the ends so the straps for the neck can go through them, sewed those closed.

I marked the middle of the waistband and placed the top pieces where I wanted them to be under the casing starting from 1/2” away the middle point

I then stretched the elastic to meet the outer end of the top pieces as shown. I pinned the other piece and then just topstitched the top pieces to the elastic and did some backstitches just to make sure it will stay in place.

Step 5: Adding the Flowers

Arrange the flowers how you would like them placed on the bralette.

When this is done, put the straps through the loops and try on your top.

Do NOT do like me and attempt to hot glue the flowers straight on. NO !!!!!! Put a piece of cloth or paper towel between your skin and the bralette. I did one side and then did the other. It doesn’t have to be the same flowers on both pieces, it doesn’t even have to be flowers, you can use bugs, pineapples, rainbows, anything you want ! Enjoy !!!

Sorry the pics are not the best. I wasn't expecting to do a pictorial so I only had video footage. I give props to anyone that has a sewing blog and takes pics of each step. This was hard work !