Introduction: DIY Paint Splatter Heart for a Loved One

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Do you ever struggle trying to find the right gift for Valentine's Day? Well you've come to the right place! Let's get creative!


  1. Markers
  2. Printer Paper
  3. Water Spray Bottle
  4. Ziplock Bag that fits the size of your Printer Paper

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather Everything on the list.

Step 2: Write a Message With the Sharpie

Write a message,quote,or anything such as I love you.

Step 3: Put the Ziploc Over the Message Paper

Put the Ziploc over the paper. This will help create the paint splatter.

Step 4: Color the Ziploc

Color the Ziploc with the colorful markers. Pick colors that look good together.

Step 5: Spray the Ziploc

Spray the ziploc. This will make the colors run and make it turn like watercolors.

Step 6: Flip Over

Flip the ziploc over onto the paper with message. Push down the ziploc onto the paper.

Step 7: Peel and Done!

Take off the Ziplock carefully and let it dry! Now you are done. Spread the love with someone special.