Introduction: Hopeful Signs for Covid-19 on Google Drawings

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During Covid-19 we need something to cheer us up. That is why this instructable is going to be showing you how to make some hopeful messages to share. You can hang them up outside or share them through gmail. Either way you will share happiness to someone.


  1. Computer
  2. Google Drive
  3. Open Google drawings from Google Drive

Step 1: Open Google Drive

  1. Open up Google Drive.
  2. Click the +newbutton
  3. On the drop down menu hover over "more"
  4. On the "more" drop down menu click Google drawings.

Step 2: Add Background

  1. Use the Rectangle shape to fill in the workspace.
  2. Go to colors/fill in color for rectangle.
  3. Choose a color. It can be gradient or solid.

Step 3: Write a Message

Add a textbox. Type a nice message.

Step 4: All Done!

These are nice and pretty. Send them to a friend. Gmail it to someone. They will have a big smile. Print them out for yourself and hang them up. Thank You!