Introduction: DIY Paper Lantern!

Hello Everyone,

In school, I have a class called "Creativity and Product Design" our teacher asked us to create a product that would fit into a category of the Instructables contests and something that would be useful in our lives. I decided to create lanterns because they are something that is really simple to make and are great for decorating any room you would like. It took me one week to gather all my supplies and finish the product. Have fun creating it! :)


1. Lantern template (They are really easy to find you can order them online just search "Japanese Lanterns").

2. Light bulb attached to a string that turns it on.

3. Paint.

4. Paint Brush.

5. Scissors.

6. Tape.

Step 1: Building the Lantern Template

To build the lantern you have to:

1. Slowly open up the paper template (if it rips tape it back together but place the tape on the inside of the lantern.)

2. Insert the metal that holds the lantern in place just as shown in the pictures and video.

Step 2: Create Your Design

For your design you can do whatever you want, you can get inspiration from the internet or do something you have in mind. In my case for my first lantern, I decided on one side to do a flower that I had on my mind and the word "Happiness" in Japanese on the other side. For my second lantern, I decided to do random shapes all over and the word "Joy" in Japanese on one side.

To draw the design I used normal black paint to paint on the lantern.

Step 3: Lighting It Up

To make the lanterns light up you will need a light bulb that works like the one in the video above or is similar.

To make the lantern light up you insert the light bulb in the middle of the lantern in order for it to have some string on top so that you can turn the light on.

Step 4: Hang It Wherever You Want

Here are some pictures of the lanterns outside and in the dark

Hope you like them! :)

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