Introduction: DIY Pearl & Beaded Hair Pin

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This is a fairly simple Instructable on making a cute hair pin. You can use the beading technique here to make other cute accessories. The beads used don't need to be the same as the ones I used - as long as they have big enough openings for your wire. The list of materials is available in the next step. Feel free to ask any questions.

Step 1: Materials for Beaded Hair Pin

  • Beading Wire .45mm
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Beads
    • Pearl Bead
    • Small Beads for around the Pearl  (the size is up to you - as long as the opening is big enough to allow the beading wire in and out a couple times)
    • The turquoise beads I used were glass aqua beads 3x6mm in size - anything will work fine
    • Some other larger beads that will go next to the aqua beads
  • Hair Pin
  • Some other flexible wire that you can use to attach the finished piece to the hair pin

Step 2: Wire and Pearl

First cut out a piece of the beading wire about two feet long and string it through the middle of the pearl. Then take one end of the wire that's sticking out through the side of the pearl and bring it around the bottom to the other side and pull it through the hole. Do the same with the other side going over the top and through the opposite side. See images.

Step 3: Getting Started

Now pull out the beads that you will use to go around the pearl. Try to have the wire that is going around the pearl slightly loose - just a little bit so you'll be able to string the wire under and through it in this step. If it's too tight, you can always use something sharp (I had to use a needle a few times) to push it through and create a space to allow the wire to go through.

Take two beads onto the wire and then take the end of the wire and put it underneath and through the wire that is along the bottom of the pearl. Pull it nice and snug. Then, you'll need to take the end of that wire and push it through the opening on the second bead and pull it tight. You'll then have two beads tightly secured around the pearl. Then add another loose bead and pull the wire under the bottom wire again as you did in the previous step. Just like in the previous step, you'll need to take the end of the wire and then go through the center of that last bead and pull it tight before adding another bead. You just repeat this process until you get to the other side where the wire is sticking out - and I'll explain what to do in the next step.

Step 4: Other Side

Once you've strung beads around half of the pearl, you'll then briefly stop as you reach the other wire. Once you reach the other wire, you'll need to make sure the wire you were using is pulled tight. Then just leave that wire you were using as it is or where it's at and pick up the new wire.

Take the new wire and put it through the same bead the other wire is pulled through. You can push the other wire aside and continue beading with the second wire. Since there's only one bead on it, you'll need to string another bead. Then take that wire and put it under and through the long wire that is wrapped around the bottom of the pearl (exactly as you did with all the beads previously). Then pull that through and put the wire through the second bead and continue on until you reach the end.

In the next step we'll continue with the other beads.

Step 5: Finishing It Up

In this final step you'll be using the exact same technique as in the other steps. There is only one small difference. You'll have less work to do as you'll be able to start out by stringing on 3 beads. I strung my pink, aqua and pink beads and then bent the wire and took the end of the wire and pulled it through the wire that secured the small beads together. From the bead I started on, I skipped over to the third small bead and pulled the wire through the wire on that one. Once the wire was pulled through, I then added the aqua and pink beads again and skipped over several small beads and repeated the process. I ended up doing this five times to make it around the whole thing. I then took some other wire and secured it to the bobby pin in two places.

That's the basic technique and you can modify it in so many ways to create some pretty jewelry pieces. If you have any questions please ask!
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