Introduction: DIY Pencilbox

This is a pencil box with really simple hand tools and with random carboard boxes.


any kind of tape, scissor, box cutter, scrap carboards or boxes in your house,

Step 1: Step 1: Making Slider

length of the rectangle , 13cm, 7cm Triangle: 6cm equilateral triangle. and cut it with a box cutter. repeat it 2 times

Step 2: Step2: Making the Bottom

draw a square in 6cm and cut it using the box cutter.

Step 3: Step3: Making Side

Draw rectangle with length of 12cm and width of 7cm and cut it.. Repeat this 4 times

Step 4: Step 4: Combining Sliders

Make 7cm with width of 0.1cm in the middle of the slider and put them together.

Step 5: Step 5: Final

tape the sliders and bottom and put the sides around the sliders. Ands its over.

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