Introduction: DIY Photo Cube

Have you bored of gifting 'Photo Frames',which displays only 2 or 3 photos everyday ?

Are you a 'Photo freak',who takes lots of photos and looking for a right method to display it ?

Well,here is 'Photo Cube' :)

This can display up to 44 photos totally and 8 at a time in 5 different patterns.

Watch video :

Step 1: Materials Required :

To make a cube,you may need Duplex Board or Card Board.

Also you can get ready-made boxes available here:

In this video,I made boxes with the help of Duplex board





4.Paper cutter

5.Photo printer and paper

6.Marking pen

Step 2: Making Boxes

To make photo cube,we need to construct 8 boxes of same dimensions

I took the dimension of 3.5inch x 5inch.

Mark the layout for making box in the Duplex board and cut it using paper cutter.

Fold their edges as shown in the image and gently crease it.

Stick it firmly with Cello-tape or Glue.

Step 3: Taping Pattern

Arrange the boxes as shown in the above image and stick the two boxes with the help of Cello-Tape

Make sure you tape the boxes as same in the opposite side.

After taping,make sure you can see 44 sides by flipping it as shown in the video.

Step 4: Finishing Up With the Photos

Select 44 photos with good quality and print it by 3.5 x 5 inch each.Then cut the photos and stick in each side of the box.

Your photo cube is now ready :)

Get rid of your photo frames and make a photo cube for you.

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