Introduction: DIY Pencil Roll Case

I am an Artist from Chennai.When I was looking for a pencil case in online I found it very costly ( $23).So I decided to do it by myself with the scrap leathers lying around in my home.

Step 1: Materials

Trust me,I made this pencil case without spending a single penny.All that you need is,

1.Scrap leather

2.Sewing needle and Thread

3.Paper Cutter

Step 2: Measuring, Marking & Cutting

Measure and cut the leather in the form of a rectangle depending upon number of tools required and their length.I have taken 44cm x 22cm.

Give a cross cut at the edges so that it will look so better.

Step 3: Making Loopholes

Take a longer strip of leather double than the horizontal length ( approximately 88cm ) of the base leather and height of about 2.5cm and stitch it to form a loophole for inserting the tools.

Stitch a thin strip at the end for tying a knot

Now insert the tools and enjoy rolling it ;)

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