Introduction: DIY Photography Backdrop

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This is an easy removable table-mounted photography backdrop that can be built in roughly five minutes. This came about when it was suggested that my previous ceiling mounted backdrop rig was an eyesore and an impediment to office productivity. To comply with new office-wide zoning standards, I had to create a new rig that was not ceiling mounted, contained within my workspace, and that rose no more than three feet above the surface of my workbench. My own personal guidelines was that it had to attach firmly to my workbench and that it had to be removable.  This solution not only meets everyone's needs, but was quick and painless. I am also particularly fond of the pipe clamp supports, which when not in use as supports for the backdrop can double as - you guessed it - pipe clamps.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

(x2) 1/2" x 30" pipes
(x2) Pipe clamp assemblies
(x4) 2" x 2" cork pads
(x2) 1" inner diameter copper elbows
(x1) 1" diameter shower curtain rod cut to width of desk
(x1) Roll of photo backdrop paper

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Step 2: Pipe Clamps

Put together your two pipe clamps as instructed on their packaging.

Step 3: Clamp

Place a piece of cork on the top and bottom of the back corner of the desktop as padding. Clamp the pipe clamp to the back corner of the desk (pipe sticking upwards) where the cork is. Repeat on the opposite corner.

Step 4: Trim (optional)

If your roll of photo paper is longer than the length of your worktable, trim it to length using a chop saw.

Step 5: Put It All Together

Place an L-bracket onto one end of the shower curtain rod. Pass the other end of the rod through the center of the roll of paper. Attach the other L bracket to the other end of the shower rod.

Place the open ends of the L-brackets onto the ends of each of the pipes. Your photography background setup is now complete. You can disassemble and reassemble this at your leisure.

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