Introduction: DIY Pirate Treasure Chest Cake Topper

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A treasure chest cake topper or party favor. (Video above)

I made this to go with a pirate ship cake topper inspired by the Black Pearl from The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It was featured by I made a Pirate Island cake with both on it.

Those are posted on my YouTube channel.

Things needed:

2 Original Rice Krispies Treat bars

White and black Fondant

Brown food color - I used Americolor Chocolate Brown

Black food color


Chip and artist brushes

Serrated knife

Tooth picks

Wilton Gold Color Mist

Candy like chocolate gold coins, M&Ms or Jolly Ranchers

Step 1: Form Lid

Use one of the Rice Krispies Treats. Use a serrated knife to cut a little bit of the RKT at a time to round off the edges. Cut from the middle at an angle. Use your fingers to help form a rounded top. Work with it until your happy with the shape.

Step 2: Cover the Lid in Fondant

Cover the bottom of the lid with black fondant. Spread a little water on rolled out black fondant. Place the lid onto it and cut around the RKT with a knife or pizza cutter.

Cover the sides of the lid by rolling out white fondant. Sit each side of the lid on it and carefully trim around it.

Roll out some more white fondant fairly thin. Drape it over the top of the lid. Use your fingers to be sure it adheres to the RKT and keeps its shape. Trim off any excess fondant.

Put in some plank lines with the back of a knife or fondant sculpting tool.

Step 3: Make Bottom of Chest

Using another Rice Krispies treat, cover the 2 short sides and 1 of the longer sides with fondant. The fondant should be above the RKT about 1/2 inch.

Cover the back of the chest with fondant even with the top of the RKT. The lid will sit inside the bottom of the chest.

Be sure you have nice straight corners and edges for a nice box look.

Put in plank lines around it.

Let both the lid and the bottom dry at least overnight.

Step 4: Paint

Mix some brown food color with vodka. Using a chip brush and artist brushes to paint the lid and the bottom of the chest.

Let them dry for several days.

Step 5: Make Hardware

Make whatever hardware and details for your chest. I just made 2 handles, a lock and a latch for the lid. I made them with black fondant and sprayed them with Wilton Gold Color Mist to get a bronze look.

Attach them with water.

Step 6: Fill the Chest

Cut 2 toothpicks down to support the lid. Paint them black with some black food color. You can have the lid propped open as much or as little as you want. Insert them in the front corners of the chest.

Fill the chest with small candy or decorations. I made some gold fondant coins and pearls. I crushed a red, green and blue Jolly Rancher and added bits as gems.