Introduction: DIY Planets of Star Wars Sign

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Try this easy DIY for a Farmhouse twist on a Star Wars Sign. You can show your love for Star Wars without sacrificing style.

So, I confess. I’m a total fangirl. Have been since I was a kid that loved Sci-fi. Don’t make me decide between Star Wars and Star Trek, there’s room in my heart for both. But, since Star Wars Day (May the 4th) is a thing now, I decided to use this excuse to create some Farmhouse-style home decor. This week I grabbed inspiration from those classic city (or borough) list signs. This Star Wars Sign lists some of the most well-known Planets from the world of Star Wars. Geeky, I know, but I love it! I hope you do too! You can get the free printable for this sign at the end of this post. For full details, follow the link.

Step 1: Prepare the Board

Sand, prime, and paint your board, I used a 14 1/2" x 30" piece of plywood and grey acrylic for this sign. Seal with a matte polyurethane, once dry.

You can download the free 'Planets' PDF on my site. Print the PDF in Adobe Reader and tape together on the cut marks.

Step 2: Prepare the Transfer

Shade the back of the text with pencil, chalk, or charcoal. Chalk is probably fastest, but I used pencil in this example. Either is fine.

Flip paper back over and center on board. Tape down edges so that it can't shift.

Now trace over the text with a pencil. This will transfer the pencil or chalk marks to the board.

Step 3: Trace Marks With Your Paint Marker

Once you've traced every letter, peel the paper off. You'll see the pencil marks. White chalk would have shown up better on grey paint, but you can still see the marks easily enough. Trace over the marks with this White Paint Pen or paint and brush. Once you have the outline finished and dry, you can wipe away excess pencil or chalk with a damp rag. That coat of poly you put on earlier protects the finish on the board.

Now Fill in the text with 2 coats of the Paint Marker.

Step 4: Frame and Hang

Frame the sign. I used 1" x 2" Select Pine with Miter cuts and a rabbet groove to set the sign in.

There are simpler framing options to choose from. Go with whatever you like and can do with your tools.

I used Minwax's Special Walnut to stain the frame and sealed with my poly before hanging with a Sawtooth hanger.

For full details and product list, follow this link.

Step 5: Family "Hall of Fame" Board

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