Introduction: DIY Plastic Whiteboard

I was scrolling through Instructables and I found this competition. I knew I had so much plastic just lying around, I grabbed some and realized it was dry erase and I ended up making this whiteboard!

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

To make this whiteboard you will need a pencil, scissors, glue(I prefer hot glue), cardboard, and a piece of plastic(mine was 18 cm by 24.5 cm). :)

Step 2: Cutting Out the Pieces

Grab a piece of cardboard and make a V shape, the width is l.5 cm and the two inner lines are 2 1/4 inches long, you will need 8 of these pieces. The picture at the top will help, these measurements are for the same size whiteboard that I made(18 cm by 24 cm). :)

Step 3: Gluing the Pieces

Take all your V shape pieces and glue them to each corner on both sides of the piece of plastic.

Step 4: Filling in the Empty Space

There will be space between all the corner pieces that we have to fill in. When you measure the empty space on the bottom of the whiteboard( the length) it will be 9.5 cm. So draw a line 9.5 cm long on cardboard, since the corner pieces are 1.5 cm wide you will need to double that( it will be 3 cm) since we are going to fold it, add a 3 cm line to the 9.5 cm line to form a rectangle(it is basically a 3 cm by 9.5 cm rectangle) that you will cut out. Now when you measure the empty space on the side of the whiteboard(the width) it will be 3.5 cm. Draw a line 3.5 cm long. Once again the width of our rectangle will be 3 cm(draw a 3 cm by 3.5 cm rectangle on cardboard. You will need 2 of both these pieces.

Step 5: Gluing the Pieces From Step 4

Take the pieces from step 4 and fold them in half so that the 3 cm width will become 1.5 cm. Put some glue on the inside of the folded piece and slide it on the empty space. Do this with all 4 pieces.

Step 6: The Marker Holder

Now that we have completed the frame we need to make the marker holder. To make the marker holder you will need to cut out a 8 inch by 3 3/4 inch piece of cardboard. After you cut the piece out bend it to form a half circle.

Step 7: Completing the Marker Holder

In this step we will complete the marker holder, grab the piece from step six and glue the edge of it to the back of the frame, the picture will really help with this. Once you have glued on the piece cut out two half circles and glue them to the ends of the holder.

Step 8: Decorating(Optional)

Now that we have completed the whiteboard we have to make it look good! I used colorful tape to decorate my whiteboard, you can paint yours, color it, or even just leave it as it is. Get creative and make your whiteboard look how YOU want it to!

Step 9: You Are Done!

You are now finished with your own personal whiteboard, you can put reminders on it, write things that you will probably forget, you could even color on it if you get bored( I know I will!). ENJOY! :)

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