Introduction: DIY Pocketshot Slingshot

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This little slingshot is a lot of fun! It requires only a sharp blade or scissors, is very accurate, and packs a surprising punch. After making it, set up some targets with paper cups or cans, and use jelly beans, lima beans, hard candy or pea gravel for sling bullets. I make my kids wear safety glasses when playing with them.


Safety: Safety glasses, during construction and when using the finished slingshot.

Tools: Exacto knife -or- Olfa knife -or- carpet knife -or- sharp scissors. Basically something razor sharp.

Extra tools: Not necessary but a drill and 1" hole saw makes production quick and a lot less risky.

Materials: A plastic bottle with a screw top complete with the cap,the wider the opening the better. In the picture is a finished slingshot made with an old single serve milk bottle. The one to be constructed is made using a ketchup bottle. I have had great success with Gatorade G2 bottles (591mL = 20 oz).

Rubber glove or latex balloons. This 'ible uses a pair of dollar store rubber gloves, but latex party balloons have produced better results. I will hopefully post a follow up with that method but I don't have any pictures.

Jelly beans, peanuts, anything about that size.

Step 1: Put on Safety Glasses.

Eyelids are not safety glasses! Blindness is permanent! Don't make this the last instructable you ever see in stereoscopic vision or at all.

Step 2: Cut Off a Finger From the Glove.

Using the blade of your choice cut off a finger from the rubber glove. The stretchy rubber will provide the potential energy in the slingshot and the pouch for the sling bullet.

Step 3: Cut the Bottle Top Off

Using your sharp blade cut off the bottle top 2"-3" = 5 cm to 7.5 cm from the top.

Step 4: Slide Finger of Glove Into Bottle Top Opening.

Slip the rubber glove finger into the screw top opening the same way you would poke your finger into the bottle if you hadn't cut the top off.

Step 5: Fold the Open End of the Finger Over the Bottle Opening.

The finger should be folded inside out over the threads of the bottle, the way you fold socks together. Ensure the finger entirely covers the threads.

Step 6: Screw the Flip Top Cap Onto the Bottle

Secure the glove finger to the bottle by screwing the ketchup bottle flip top cap onto the threads.

***Note***If there is no hole in the plastic cap from the manufacturer you will need to cut a hole a little smaller than the opening in the bottle. Leave enough edge around the cap so that it seats to the lip of the bottle. This is where a drill and hole saw comes in handy.

Step 7: Place a Bean Into the Opening

Drop the bean all the way to the finger tip,

Step 8: Ready to Sling Beans!

Grip the bottle in your non-dominant hand with an all-around grip. Grip the bean in the finger tip with the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand the way you would hold a key you were going to insert into a door lock. Now extend your non dominant hand away from your body toward your target while pulling the bean toward your face. Align the stretched finger with your target.



No? Try again!



What a satisfying sound!