Introduction: DIY Portable Powerbank

With this cool low cost powerbank you can power any device that needs 12V / 5V

Step 1: Things You Need...

• Wires
• Li-Ion battery
• Soldering Tools
• 3d printer ( I'm using Ender 3)
• 3S BMS-Board i.e. (
• Switch
• Battery clip

Step 2: Soldering

Make sure to heat the batteries up as short as possible because they can catch fire when they are to hot.

In the schematic diagram are AAA batteries but they should b replaced with 18650 / Li-Ion cells.

Next you have to add a switch and a battery clip.

When you finished soldering it should look like in the second picture.

Step 3: 3d Printing

Just print the 2 files.

The print takes about 5 hours.

Step 4: Charging?

To charge it you need a boost-converter and set it to 12,6/12,7/12,8V.

Then connect it to the BMS-board and it should charge up your battery-pack.

BUT: if you add a battery clip to the boost-converter make sure you have selected the correct polarity.

Step 5: Usage

You can now use it with any device that needs ~12,5V.

You can also add a buck-converter to step the battery packs voltage to any voltage you like.

I have added a battery clip to a car charger so you can charge up your phone like you can see in the picture.

I am also using it with my selfmade HDMI display which needs 9-24V.

BTW: check out my youtube channel.

Thank you very much for reading my Instructable.

I hope it was helpful or atleast interesting for you.