Introduction: DIY Portable Solar Usb Charger

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Hi Guys,

So i am new here to instructable and this is my first instructable. It is a portable detachable solar usb charger.Which is portable and the solar panels are detachable (to be compact).With this easy circuit You can also charge your phone while it is in your pocket now!!!

Step 1: Components to Build This Project

This is gonna be easy as you need very few parts and you might get it very easily .

1. Step up DC DC booster 0.9v to 5v (Remember max output must be 5v only)

2. Rechargeable batteries (NiMH batteries) x2

3.Toggle Switch

4.Solar panel (4v or 6v will do)

5. Aligator clips (to detach the solar panel) x2

6.Battery holder

7. Project Box to build your circuit and make it portable


Soldering equipment and soldering skills

Step 2: Basic Concept and Schematics

This concept is very simple ,

the solar panel will power up the circuit when sunlight is present or if you don't want it to charge it at that time it will charge the batteries and later you can plug in your device later and the batteries will charge it up.So here the switch is very handy it prevents the batteries from draining.So as you see the schematic it is very simple.

Step 3: Put It Up in a Project Box or Altoids Tin

So put the circuit in a small project box or in a Altoids tin .I used a plastic box because it was very easy for cutting the spaces for the USB and the toggle switch .so put your switch in and make up your handy circuit and yeah you can attach those alligator clips in your solar panel so that you can detach them later on.

Step 4: You Are Ready to Charge Your Device Anywhere Now!!!

So now you can charge your device anywhere.Even in your pocket !!! and in the summer afternoons your are going to boost some power from the sun . This project was fun making and simple.If you like this instructable please vote for me.The principle on how it works is simple the voltage and amps depend upon your step up booster. Usually most of them give a stagnant 5v supply with 600-700 mA.Therefore i don't think think so it is possible to charge your apple devices but yes if you find a step up booster enough to charge your iPhone it will work.

Thanks for reading !!!

and don't forget to vote ;)

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