Introduction: DIY: Primitives Sign

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My brother got my mom one of these signs at JCPenny an another one at kohl's they cost him 50$ each and I thought I could make one that would have more sentimental value because I hade it Ii made this all out of scrap wood I found in my garage. No if the woo looked bad that's goo these signs are suppose to look old so bad wood is good. NOTE: ALWAYS USE EYE PROTECTION WHEN USEING HEAVY MACHINERY.

Step 1:

On this I won't tell measurements because you make the sign the size you want. Take a pice of wood like shown and make it thinner. If already thin cut it in half to make a base.

Step 2:

Take a small sheet of wood and glue it to the two prices of wood like the picture.

Step 3:

Glue clamp and let set over night

Step 4:

In the morning sand out any imperfections

Step 5:

Then take the bet sander and round the corners and the sides

Step 6:

Take spray enamel and spray the wood until all covered.

Step 7:

Once paint is dry stencil the words on that you want

Step 8:

Now take sand paper and make it look old because thats what the signs are suppose to be look old. if your wondering why i spelt that word on the sign wrong that's how he always spells it so I did it how he spelled it. (For my grandpa he's old lol)( Now I put &'s in there to plock what it says because some people might find it offensive)

Step 9:

Once your done it will be a lot more sentimental value to it because you made it and not bought it from the store.

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