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Introduction: DIY Printed Candles

Achieve the look of french boutique inspired printed candles with this DIY! 

What you need:

White or Ivory candles; tapers or pillars
Non-toxic Ink pad (tip: pigment based ink works better, however for health reasons due to burning, it is best to use a non-toxic ink)
Large printed rubber stamp (tip: the less ornate the pattern the better)

1) Gather materials
2) Turn the stamp on its backside, rubber side up and evenly spread the ink pad across the stamp (tip: wiping it across the stamp works better than pressing down)
3) Slowly, and pressing as evenly as possible, roll the candle across the inked stamp. Take time to properly line up longer tapered candles as it will take more than one roll.
4) Carefully place to the side and let dry. Be careful – these will smear at first until they are fully dry, particularly if you are using a washable/non-toxic ink.

And that’s it! Now use as a part of your wedding (or home) decor!

p.s. you can see these candles used in a photo shoot here on my blog: Sparkle & Hay

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    You could also use a blow dryer or heat gun to slightly melt the wax. To the one comment, you are not supposed to be able to read the stamp. Most flameless candles are made with a coat of real wax.

    Be careful clicking on the link to the outside site (Sparkle & Hay). My antivirus repelled three separate attacks, one of them being a trojan.

    i'm french,
    what looks like a french boutique ?
    this concept of french boutique is disappointing me.
    Your candles are beautiful, But i can't read the text.

    if i was doing the same, i will order a stamp, with some romeo and juliet texts, arrange the texte going slightly downward at the end of the line, in order the match the beginnig of the next line. I will measure the circumference of my candle to order the right size of stamp. and i hope it will write the text in spiral all around my candle.
    lots of shop who make stamp
    ( i don't know for your country, but they do stamp, soles for shoes, key copies, name plate, business card, wedding card etc... in the same shop )
    use laser etching for the stamps, they accept PDF, JPG, and others file format.
    i would love to print a time scale on a candle.

    i really love your idea, i've never something so simple and beautiful since a long time.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You could also use an ink roller to apply the ink to the stamp. That would be the best way to evenly cover all parts.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You may even try using a candle varnish to keep the ink from smudging. If candle varnish is unavailable to you, you could also dip the candle in a thin layer of a clear wax such as paraffin to preserve the beautiful design.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    PERFECT idea!!! Thank you so much! That was the major drawback from the non-toxic ink - it did smear a bit.