DIY Project Ideas : How to Make a Mini Modular Origami Book




Introduction: DIY Project Ideas : How to Make a Mini Modular Origami Book

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Wish to take on a fun DIY project? You will love to share, enjoy and learn.This cute little specimen of Origami Art, that makes for a charming and fun DIY project for kids. If you have ever wished to learn how to make a mini book, carefully watch this cool DIY Project. Don’t miss out on this step-by step tutorial on how to make a DIY Origami Book.

A pretty and a practical handmade gift idea, this Origami Mini Book, can be made as a DIY handmade gift for your friends and family. Add a metal key ring to it and your very own DIY Origami Mini Notebook key chain is ready! It is one of the simplest paper craft ideas for beginners.

Step 1: Gather Your Craft Supplies!

If you wish to learn and make this super simple and cute DIY Origami Modular Notebook the craft supplies you need are very simple and basic.You need:

Color papers

Handmade paper






Step 2: Cut Your Paper!

Take the plain colored paper and cut it measuring 20cmx20cm making it a square.

You will need 4 colored square papers for the pages of the book and 1 handmade paper measuring 20cmx20cm respectively, for the book's cover.

Cut the colored papers into half making strips.

Step 3: Fold Your Papers

Interconnect the folded strips by inserting and pasting them with each other.

Watch the tutorial and learn how to fold these paper strips to help you make the pages of the book.

Step 4: Let's Make the Cover of the Book!

Watch the video to learn the making of the cover of the book.

Step 5: Your Awesome Origami Mini Modular Notebook Is Ready!

Paste and fix the pages inside the cover of the book and there you have it!

Your amazing and easy paper craft of DIY Origami Mini Notebook is ready!

Step 6: Watch the Step by Step Tutorial!

Such art and craft ideas make for amazing origami craft ideas for kids. Indulging in such fun paper crafts to do at home, are fun family crafts that parents & children can make together. Being a great DIY Project, and also works as a handmade gift idea for your friends, on special occasions like Anniversary, Friendship’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day too!

Watch this unique DIY Simple project and learn how to make an Easy DIY Mini Modular Origami Notebook the fun way!

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    Teshell Diaz

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    What a perfect little project for kids to make and hand out for Valentine's day!!