Introduction: How to Make Beautiful Floating Water Candles?

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Candles are important and common in every house as they are mostly used for the festive occasion. They are also used to decorate the home and beautiful home decors can be created with candles. These days floating candles have become very popular and they look really elegant.

Here we are going to show you two floating water candles which look attractive and are perfect for home decor. This is a nice DIY Home Decoration craft.

Step 1: Things Needed

  • A Small Plastic Pot
  • Some Flowers for Decoration
  • Oil
  • Transparent OHP Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Clay Dough
  • Candles
  • Decorative Beads
  • Blue Pebbles
  • White Shells

Step 2: Let's Start With the Things We Have!

  • First, cut the flower from the neck.
  • Take a piece of clay dough and stick it at the bottom of the flower.
  • Pour some water into the glass
  • Now add few drops of oil in the glass.

Step 3: Let's Insert the Thread Through OHP Sheet!

  • Next, take a transparent OHP sheet or you can use a plastic bottle as well.
  • Take a circular cut out from the sheet.
  • Take few candles and select one of them. Remove wax from the candle.
  • Now insert this thread in the circular cut out piece.
  • Make a small hole at the centre of the circular cut out piece.
  • Now insert the thread through the hole.
  • Gently place it in the glass.

Step 4: Let's Decorate the Glass!

  • Light the wick.
  • Decorate the glass with the beads and pearls.

Step 5: Now, We Will Make Another Floating Candle in Another Pot.

  • Place some white shells in the pot.
  • Now place some blue pebbles in the pot.
  • Pour some water and oil in the pot.
  • Add some rose petals to enhance its beauty.

Step 6: Let's Light It!

  • Gently place similar circular OHP sheet cut out at the centre and light it.

That's lovely!! Your floating candle is now ready.

Step 7: ​Conclusion

These floating water candles look amazing and they can be made using minimal materials. Also, it is environment-friendly. Moreover, these candles can burn up to 12 hours depending on the oil. You can place these beautiful water candles at any corner of the house.

Hope you have enjoyed watching this craft. In case of any suggestion or feedback, please share the same in the comments section.

Happy Crafting!