Introduction: DIY R2D2 Lamp From $10 IKEA Lamp

This one came from shear distraction and procrastination, things that invaded my everyday life.

I am building a full size R2D2 from scratch, when you are scratch building everything begins look like a potential part, well this lamp I just got from IKEA really reminded me of the little domed one so I got bored and with a little bit of tweaking I got him looking pretty good.

I happen to have access to a cutter, and while it makes it a bit easier it is not necessary to complete this project.  You could just get the vinyl and cut it with scissors, or you could even just use regular labels that you painted blue.  I would bet that even with sharpie you could get the point accross.

the great thing about R2 is that he has such a an iconic look that you really only have to capture a few bits and pieces to make him look right.  The main eye, the stripes and the top sections.

I think from the pictures you can get an idea of panels I had made up.  (I might be able to make these available)

Update: sorry folks for the disappearing act, I'm on baby watch and my wife is due any day now so I had to make a mad dash to complete some stuff for work. 

I did manage to get these up on ETSY, figured that would be an easy way to make them available.


Let's see these R2 lamps everywhere :D

Step 1: Materials

first you'll need a lamp that looks like R2.  I used the Tertial lamp from IKEA.  It was $9 at my IKEA and only comes in silver.  It also has a pixar-ey kinda look to it too with the springs I liked it as a lamp before I decided to sticker it up.

You will also need stickers.  I used sign vinyl.  you should be able to pick up vinyl sheet stickers at any craft store.  If you are not going to use colored vinyl, you could paint plain white stickers or use a sharpie and just draw them in.

an exacto blade is also helpful.

Here's a pic of the vinyl material I used (Like I said I had my stickers cut on a machine)

You can use these pics to get an idea of the shape of the panels, you can also find pics on the internet of R2, but like I said so long as you have the main parts pretty much everyone will know it's R2. 

Step 2: Determine the Front of the Lamp

you'll need to figure out where you want R2 "looking" the goos thing about this lamp is you can rotate the dome around but you'll want to know where you want R2's primary gaze to be. depending on your desk situation you might want R2 to face the door to great guests with your utter geekiness (this is how I plan to do it for the one that goes in my office, this on is in my workbench so it faces front)

mark the front with a pencil.

Step 3: Pinstriping...all the Cool Cars Have It

First step I chose to go with is the pinstripe along the bottom.  pretty much all the other stickers go from this one so if you get this one fairly straight all the others will look fine.

the sticker material is fairly forgiving so as you work around if the line isn't to your liking just lift it up and place it down again.  I like to press one end down and pull the line around with a little tension.  this keeps the line straight.

the stickers I made have this stripe as 2 parts so start the stripe away from the center mark you made so that the overlap doesn't occur right in the front of the lamp.

Step 4: The Eyes Have It

Now mount the eye, this is pretty much what give R2 his look and where most people will look right away. 

start with the lower left peice.  where you set this determines the rest of the stickers.

once that is set put the main eye piece in place.  I start at the lower left so you can get the right relationship with the first rectangle. then push the right side of the eye down.  notice in the 3rd picture I have the left portion of the eye still hanging.  dude to the curve of the dome y can't just have flat stickers so you kinda have to play with this piece to get it just right.  just don't push it down in place until you get it right.  It should meet up at the top and make the circle complete.

finally add the long bottom piece and the window pane looking piece to the left of the eye. 

Step 5: Left Side Panels

Lastly add the panels.  I took some liberties with "screen accuracy" for my lamp...after all it is a $9 lamp and admittedly I should be doing other things, but bringing the nerd bling is so much fun

Step 6: Right Side Panels

these panels extend from the right of the eye.  First there is a round panel,  then 3 small panels and one long one. 

I also have one panel that I made for the rear center.  you can really put it anywhere you want. 

Step 7: Pie Anyone?

the top "pie panels" are last.  I start at the front where people will be able to notice them the most.  that way if the gaps are off they are off in the back.

I start right about the eye and work my around alternating left and right, that way the front spaces will look equal.

Step 8: I Love Lamp

alright, this one is out there, but it's cheap and pretty cool, in a very nerdy kinda way.

Check out my Han in Carbonite hidden door and you'll see this fits right in with my style :P

Like I said I could possible make these sticker sheets available so you could turn your own $9 lamp into an R2lamp quite easily.  send me a PM I guess and we'll go from there.