Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp From $10 IKEA Lamp




Introduction: Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp From $10 IKEA Lamp

Hello All, this is kind of a follow up to my IKEA R2D2 lamp instructable.

Well, my oldest boy wants to change his room from Star Wars to Super Mario for a theme.  Which is good because the younger one wants a Star Wars room, which means the R2 lamp can live on, but he has really come to love his lamp for reading books in bed.  Soooooo we came up with a cool replacement.

Step 1: My Favorite Lamp

The Tertial Lamp from IKEA is great because it looks good, it's very functional, the base is versatile and it's CHEAP!!  $9.99

So first things first, you gotta upack it and plan your attack.  I'll have to let you know I'm king of cutting corners.  With 3 small boys, I shoot for making it look good first and cross my fingers with the lasting part cause these kids can destroy some stuff.

In looking at the lamp I opted to paint the arm green and the shade red.  I decided I would use regular craft paint and a brush to put on the white dots and lips.  I did not do a clear coat, but my guess is that would make it last longer.  I didn't wanna bother to do a test shoot to see if my craft paint could hold up to the clear...I had a very excited 7 year old waiting on this!

Step 2:

I just went about about taping off what I didn't want paint on.  the little silver bits and the screws came apart real easy.  Around the lamp I just taped off everything real good and went to town with spray paint.   I'm no master at spray painting so I just went for it.

I ended up using the cheap spray stuff from Lowes, nothing fancy.  With the way the joints work on the lamp, I am expecting a lot it to chip off, so I'm not too concerned with getting it mirror smooth. 

Step 3: Dome the Dome Dome...Dome

Okay, I actually did this step when the dome was red, so I'll just show you on a bare shade.  (this one supposed to be for my desk, where R2 originally was, but then got shanghaied by my kiddo :P )

Basically I drew the form you see here on both sides, don't worry about getting it even, cause no one will ever see both sides at once.  I will say attach the shade to the lamp base and determine what sort of viewing angle the lamp will be so that when you want in you get the full profile of piranha plant goodness. 

A lot of people ask me for detailed parts or drawings....don't get hung up on that because 1. I don't have any, I free hand everything.  2.  If you think I have detailed drawings, I must get at least close making it looks good so you all should have no problem...and I am a horrible drawer...I mean drawerer......I mean speller.

Step 4: Let There Be Light

There ya go, we did this in a couple hours, including paint drying time. 

I've gotten quite a few people who love these...please pass it on and share some great ideas!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I made this one with an old lamp and a pipe that I found. ^_^


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It's awesome. These brilliantly simple projects always make me wonder why the heck I didn't think of it.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    you should add some leaves to it, but looks good


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Good Idea! We also toyed with making the bases of the lamp a green pipe....still planning out the room decor.

    That is awesome! So simple yet it sticks out and you know what it is (if you are interested in Mario that is, and really, who isn't?)!