Hey people!

They say create your own rainbow everyday,so why not create one and keep it with ourselves?!Let's create a DIY RAINBOW CANDLE which is tiny enough to fit in your pocket and many hearts!


All you need to create your rainbow candle are

  • Wax crayons(rainbow colours)
  • Leftover candle
  • A transparent jar/box/glass(Avoid plastic)
  • Toothpick
  • A knife

Step 1: STEP1:Melting the Crayons

Take all the crayons of rainbow colors(red,orange,yellow,green,blue,violet) and chop them into tiny pieces.Then melt them one by one using the double boiling method.

Step 2: STEP2:Melting Leftover Candles

Just like the wax crayons make sure to chop these candles into small pieces using a knife and melt it using the double boiling method.Now mix this melted mixture with each of those colours.

Step 3: STEP3:Pouring the Mixture

One by one pour the melted mixtures into a small glass jar in the rainbow order and stick the tiny wax coated toothpick in the middle.Make sure to pour the rest of the melted wax and create a firm mould.

Step 4: STEP4:Allow It to Dry

Finally allow the candle to dry for about 4 hours without any disturbance and your beautiful DIY rainbow candle is ready to bring some light.

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