Introduction: DIY ROOM DECOR ❤ Crochet DREAM CATCHER

Hi guys!
In today's video I will show how to make a beautiful dream catcher. I know there are already tons of videos about DIY dream catchers on YouTube but I find them so beautiful that I couldn't resist making my own version of them.

First you will need anything that has a circular shape. I'm using an embroidery ring but you can use any hoop you can find at your craft store. You will also need a crochet piece for this dream catcher. There is a more traditional way of making this part, but I want to show you this version.

You will need to tape it to the table so it doesn't move and take some thread or piece of string and attach it the way I'm doing in the video making sure that the crochet piece stays in the middle. Once you get to the start point adjust it until it's tight and make a knot.

Then take a leather cord. First secure one end to the ring and carefully wrap it all the way around the ring until you get to the start point. Then attach that end again with a bit of hot glue.
And you will get the centre part!

For the next step you will need: a feather boa, some beads and fishing line or any thread you want.
Cut a piece of the feather boa, you can also use regular feathers but I want to use this because it's very fluffy. Knot a piece of the fishing line and thread a bead through it.

Make more of them and start attaching them to the ring by making a knot. You can place them however you want but I decided to stick to the usual V shape.

At the last minute I decided to add a crystal heart to the middle part using the fishing line. As I always say there are endless ways of making the same thing so make sure to be creative, and give your personal touch to your dream catcher.
And it's finished!!

I hope you liked this DIY and make sure to tweet me a picture if you make one of this! Don't forget to subscribe for weekly videos if you haven't already and thanks for watching!!