Introduction: DIY ROOM DECOR ❤ Easy Owl Pillow! (Sew/no Sew)

HI guys! In today's video I will show you how to make this easy owl pillow. There are tons of ways of making these pillows but this is the version I came up with, so I hope it can inspire you and let's get started.

The first step is to draw on a piece of paper the outline of the pillow. I leave here some designs that can help you with this step:

Cut it out, then fold your design in half and make sure to cut any unevenness so your design stays symmetric.

I'm using an old shirt as my fabric but you can use any kind of fabric you want. The next step is transferring  the outline of your design to the fabric. Make two pieces and cut them out leaving one centimeter of seam allowance.

Place them right sides together and pin all around the pillow. Sew or glue carefully following the line and remember to leave a little gap at the bottom part.

Use the gap to turn the pillow inside out and stuff it with any pillow stuffing.

Use the paper pattern to draw a wing and cut it out.
Trace it on an piece of felt, and flip it over to make the other wing.
Cut them and make sure they fit before you start gluing them  with some fabric glue.

Cut two circular white felt pieces for the eyeballs, and a small orange triangle for the peak.
For the eyes I decided to use some black rhinestone stickers but you can cut a piece of black felt if you want.

And that is it!!

I hope you enjoy this video and make sure to try this pillow because as you see is really easy!!
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