Introduction: DIY Real Flower Crowns

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So while scrolling through the inter-webs last night, I kept seeing all these beautiful flower crowns and pictures of people getting married in flower crowns. I thought, “Well I can make at least one of those things come true.” In the past I’ve made flower crowns with fake silk flowers, but today I didn’t want to go downtown and get fake flowers; it’s a wonderful day outside. So today I was eating lunch in my garden, when I thought why I don’t try making a real flower crown. So today while I spent the day soaking up the sun, listening to the birds and the bees, and making a super easy flower crown.

Step 1: Supplies.

All you need to make these easy flower crowns is the following.

- Bendable branches for your base, with leaves still on to add volume and to hide the string holding them in place.

- Flowers of your choosing, try ones with thin but strong long stems to twist around the crown.

- String for holding branches in place.

- Scissors for clipping the strings and flowers.

Step 2: Making a Base.

First you will need to make a base. Take your longest branch and slowly start bending along the branch until it becomes malleable. Then wrap the branch around your head to make sure it's the right size. Twist the ends of the branches a couple times around each other then secure with string in an area that can be hidden by the leaves.

Step 3: Adding Volume.

Start twisting more branches with as many leaves as possible. Twist the ends through the openings of the other twisted branches till it feels secure and repeat securing the branches with string until you have a flower crown minus the flowers.

Step 4: Adding Flowers

Now that you have your base, simply repeat the process with the flowers and stems putting them through the twist openings. Keep adding flowers until your crown is as full and lush as like. I wanted mine to look as natural and whimsical as possible, so I didn't want my crown to be too busy. If you want a fuller crown you can add any kind of flowers you like that have sturdy stems.

Step 5: Fin

Now you have a flower crown made of real flowers. Enjoy wearing your crown for any sort of event or simply to wear whenever you want. These are made with real flowers so they will dry out over time after you wear it. I recommend hanging it in a window and letting the flowers dry out and you can use them again as a dried flower crown, a wreath on your door or wherever you would like.

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