Introduction: How to - Lay a Reclaimed Wood Look Porcelain Floor Tile

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Today we are laying Tile. This is a Reclaimed Wood Looking Porcelain Floor Tile. It is meant to look like recycled Barn Wood.

Please watch the video for assistance, it will make the numbered instructions much easier to follow.

#1 Remove all old flooring, take down to subfloor. Remember to clean and vacuum.

#2 Make the judgement to lay plywood down, there are arguments made for both ways. Read, watch videos or consult a professional. Which ever way you go, do as much research as you need to feel comfortable. Remember, things can be different for each floor, because each floor can be different.

#3 Time for Fiber Rock. There is many types to use, Fiber rock, Fiber Board, cement board, backer board, hardy board and hardy backer. Which ever you use, follow the manufactures directionss.

#4 Let's lay some tile............. This is where the video starts. Make sure all screws are down tight, and all boards are tight with no movement. Clean the floor, no debris.

#5 Fill in all the gabs with thin set, if any gabs are larger than desired, use a mesh tape.

#6 Take a chalk line, this gives you a straight line. All your tile will be straight and laid off the center, or this chalk line. Make sure to pick the most obvious visual point to start. You want to put you tile in the direction that works with the room, or rooms. Remember to take doorway, counters, walls, corners and all obstructions when making your decision.

#7 Mix and lay down some thin set. Put down two to three tile at a time, in a straight line. Using the chalk line make sure they are straight. Watch the video, it will assist with the understanding.

#8 Make sure you use spacers, and keep laying tile, before you know it, the entire room will be done.

Next instructables we will grout. If you watch the video and read the instructions both, it may make more sense, have fun and remember, the only way to learn is to try it.