Introduction: How to Build a Raised Dog Bowl Holder for a Great Dane

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You might look at this and think, I swear I've seen that before. Very simply put, it's a "5 Board Bench". This was made to get my puppies dog dish of the ground. My baby is a Great Dane. Great Dane's suffer from bloat, and stomach flip, which just happens to be the # 1 killer of their breed. They a one of the rare dogs whose stomach is free floating, not attached to the fascia or surrounding walls, this makes the stomach able to literally flip. Causing it to be twisted (lack of a better example) cutting off flow in or out and cutting off a major artery. Most dogs can die within an hour or two.

To Build a 5 Board bench.

#1 Cut two 1 x 12 inch boards to 3 feet long.

#2 Take one of the 1x12's and rip two 4 inch wide pieces off it. these 2 pieces will be the sides, while the other one will be the bench top.

#3 Take another 1 x 12 and cut them to about 18 inche, lest for a small dog and longer than 18 inches for a tall dog. These two piecec make the legs.

#4 Assemble the 5 boards to make a 5 board bench, refer to the video as needed for assistance in finishing.

Step 1:

This next step will be to turn the 5 board bench into a dog bowl holder.

#1 Measure your bowls to see how large they are. An easier method is too flip your bowls over, and trace the outside of the top of the bowl..Use the video for reference, this may make it easier to understand.

#2 Cut out the circle use what ever method you prefer.

#3 Next, simple insert the bowl.

Don't forget to add some food and water, and watch you dog go at it.

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